Maintain My Castle was originally set up with the well known saying in mind, "An Englishmans home is his castle."



Whilst this is known in England as a saying which describes how proud we are of our homes, it should go without saying that most people are proud of their home, regardless of where they're from and how they identify themselves, in terms of ethnicity. 




Our home is where we feel safe, it's where we live with our loved ones, it's where we bring up our families, where we entertain and where we relax.




So here at Maintain My Castle, we take the job of helping you maintain your home very seriously. 




Attention to detail is important to you, so it's important to us. We're not rushed when we're at your castle, we take our time to get things right. 




We listen to what the client is telling us and we're always approachable and accommodating. There are always special requirements that are unique to each home and we take care to understand these specific details.




There may be babies, young children, pets or elderly persons at the home while we work. People often work from home and hold business meetings whilst we're there. All of these things need to be taken into consideration by us and so we always approach our work with these things in mind and carry out our work accordingly.




We have clients who's jobs are of a sensitive nature, in some cases they are in the public domain, they might be civil servants or celebrities. Discretion is particularly important to our clients and so that's precisely what you can expect from Maintain My Castle.

Maintain My Castle are commercial and residential cleaning and maintenance specialists, delivering expert services in your local area, all year round.

Maintain My Castle are experienced, professional window cleaners, offering a same day service, one off cleans and 4, 8 or 12 weekly regular window cleaning rounds, aswell as bespoke scheduling for retail and commercial buildings.


Maintain My Castle undertake pressure washing of outdoor areas around both residential and commercial properties and specialise in cleaning headstones/gravestones aswell as graffiti removal and roof cleaning.

Maintain My Castle offer builders cleans, rental cleans and removal cleans and have many years experience in these specialist cleaning fields.


Maintain My Castle clean our clients cars whilst we are at their homes or work place. As part of our car cleaning service, we offer various types of car cleaning solutions including, a wash and leather, hoovering, tyre painting, dashboard and centre console cleaning.


Maintain My Castle are an approachable, business with staff that are experienced, friendly, polite, discreet and always efficient. We see window cleaning as a long held tradition, not just an old profession. We take pride in our work and constantly strive to be the best local window cleaners, never forgetting the people before us, who were proud to call themselves 'window cleaners'. We help maintain our clients homes and work places. Offering painting, fencing, garden clearances, brickwork and repointing. All aspects of property maintenance is our focus.