Window Cleaning - The real cost/benefit ratio

Depending on the business type, size of building and customer footfall, there will be varying cost to benefit ratios, when considering window cleaning. 

But which wins the day, the cost, or the benefit?

So let's start by looking at one particular industry that might call upon the services  of a professional window cleaning company and where the benefits far outweighs any cost that might be incurred by using that professional window cleaning service.

We've all seen them, most of us have been in at least one, and we're all bound to drive past one in the future, the 'car dealership', or 'car showroom' as they're often called.

Now for obvious reasons, these buildings are almost entirely made of glass or certainly the parts people can see, are made of totally clear, transparent, glass. 

This is obviously extremely useful, if you want people to see inside the building, and in the case of car dealerships, it's cars that you will see inside, nice shiny, new (and sometimes used) cars. 

There they sit in all their gleaming glory, can you afford it? Is it economical, will the dog fit in the back?!

Now some of these buildings are quite large, some of them over several floors, VW in West London for example, has 4 floors. 

To clean the windows on a building like that is no small undertaking, of that you can be sure. And so you might think that the cost of cleaning so much glass must surely be a strain on any business. But in fact it's quite the opposite, the window cleaning actually pays for itself.

Noone could blame you if you wondered how that could be so, surely it takes time and expertise to clean a building so large, and what about the plant, the cherry pickers or platforms that will be used? "This must all cost money?" I hear you ask.

In much the same way people (rightly or wrongly) make judgments about the way others are by the way they dress, people are also quick to pass judgement about the business they are buying a product or service from, by the way the business premises looks, no one ever looked at a dirty restaurant front and thought "hmmmm, lets eat there!". In fact the cleaner the restaurant front, the more one starts to conjure up ideas of a sparkling clean kitchen and tasty food, even before you've walked through the door!

Car dealerships are just the same but with a lot more "front". Perfectly clean sparkling windows helps people imagine the business is selling, perfectly well kept, sparkling (and reliable) cars, and before they've even walked in the building.

Now when you consider even the smallest of new cars today start around £8000, you can start to see how the cost/benefit ratio starts to work.

So within just one month, if only one potential client walks in because of those shiny clean windows (and with the ideas of that business it created) and that one potential client gets converted into a sale, the window cleaning has already paid for itself, and perhaps many times over, from just one customer. 

It's almost impossible to quantify just how much clean windows at a car dealership actually add to the business, but I think it would be fair to say, it isn't insignificant, but more to the point, in real terms, it cost the business nothing.

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